img_7882jpgcolour%20keys%20c%20the%20image%20studio02892665278Deborah McCann

Deborah is the proprietor of the business. She has been established in business for over 18 years. Deborah was one of the first six in northern Ireland to achieve the L’Oréal specialist degree, she has done a lot of studying with the L’Oréal academy and also through out the years has been studying with the Tony and Guy academy in Dublin, Nicky Oliver and Alfaparf.

Deborah was the first tutor for Great Lengths travelling back and forth to Leeds to gain extensive knowledge of hair extensions and training various salons. Deborah is very passionate about hairdressing and has gained a high reputation through out the years.


thumbnail_img_7785jpgcolour%20keys%20c%20the%20image%20studio02892665278Cathy Begley

Cathy has been with team of Colour Keys for 8 years and started hairdressing from the age of 16. She is one of our senior stylists, she has been studying with L’Oréal and Alfaparf academy during the years giving excellent care and consultation with all hair clients.

Cathy is a very hard working and contentious person working with very high standards. She has gained a very high clientele due to her expertise.


thumbnail_img_7809jpgcolour%20keys%20c%20the%20image%20studio02892665278Janine McCann

Janine has been a member of the Colour Keys team for 3 years now and started studying hairdressing from the age of 16. She does ongoing training with the alfaparf academy, also studying business helping with the running of Colour Keys. She is very caring and warm personality.

Janine is junior stylist and works hard on building her clientele. She likes to keep up with the latest techniques and has excellent consultation skills.


brendanBreandán O’Searcaigh

Breandan has just finished his apprenticeship Level 2 NVQ and is working hard towards finishing his level 3. He is very popular with all of the clients. He loves his job and is a very happy, sincere person, enjoying all aspects of hairdressing and studying at the alfaparf academy.

He is working hard to build his own clientele, showing potential from day 1, a very valued member of our team.

thumbnail_img_7773jpgcolour%20keys%20c%20the%20image%20studio02892665278Claire Tompson

Claire is a senior stylist on the team of Colour Keys.

She has over 20 years experience in hairdressing, has been apart of the Colour Keys team for over 5 years now and has on going training in the alfaparf academy updating her styling and colouring techniques. Claire has a very loyal clientele and enjoys her work  and focus’s hard on her clientele and loves all aspects of hairdressing.


thumbnail_img_7849jpgcolour%20keys%20c%20the%20image%20studio02892665278Lisa Fletcher

Lisa is one of our senior stylist and has been with the team of Colour Keys for over 2 years. Lisa started hairdressing at the age of 16 and has achieved her Level 3 NVQ in hairdressing and is constantly updating and improving her skills with the alfaparf academy.

Lisa is very driven and focused on her clients to ensuring they look and feel there best.


thumbnail_img_7835jpgcolour%20keys%20c%20the%20image%20studio02892665278Aneta Markowska

Aneta has been with the colour keys team for over 1 year now.

Aneta comes from Poland and has achieved the highest standards of hairdressing skills there. She is currently training in the alfaparf academy and is very professional at all times. Aneta loves every aspect of hairdressing and specialise in cutting and colouring and is very motivated in her work and is a very good member of the team.


To make an appointment, please phone Colour Keys, Belfast on 02896 000 103.